• Speaking

    Informational Keynote talks – Successful Team Culture, Leadership, What Business can learn from sport, Mental Health awareness

    After Dinner Talks – Scott Hill journey to success.
    Corporate subject talks – 15-20min.
    School talks.

  • Team Culture

    Scott Hill can help your sports team/organisation develop strong professional relationships between all team members at all levels.  Scott specialises in aligning teams through a standards and value based, action-learning approach.

  • Mentoring

    The growing professionalisation of sport over the past twenty years has seen a marked increase in the level and sophistication of support provided to elite youth, amateur and professional athletes. Current elite athletes also face many challenges and pressures that have not existed in the past.

  • Key to Success

    “Are you looking to have your corporate team leaders focused and inspired to tackle every challenge thrown their way in 2013, to be able to convert every opportunity into bottom line profit by being their best and leading their teams to a new level, by learning that being honest and accountable in both personal and team based areas is key to success”



  • Testimonials

    Good to hear Scott...the invaluable knowledge that you could impart on other athletes will be undoubtedly be of great significance & worth. All the best with this new venture......Kay Macpherson
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